It is not always easy and immediate to get an overview of the hardware status of FAS NetApp storage.

As often happens the CLI comes to help us, you can run the commands shown below to get a very high detail only storage status.

The first command must be executed from the node shell prompt with diagnostic permissions, as follows:

node run -node nodename
priv set diag
storage show fault -v[/code]

These commands allow us to check the status of each individual component (power supply, temperature, disks, enclosure, fans …). For each element, however, we will only have a minimal report: OK if there are no problems or a brief description to report a possible error.

The second command is much more detailed and must be executed by connecting to the Service Processor, and it is as follows:

sp status -d

Through this last command it is possible to view and analyze in detail every single information on the status of the FAS hardware.

With great power comes great responsibility

By Roberto