Description of the environment:
Hypervisor: vSphere 6.5
Data ONTAP: 9.1P2
Storage: FAS2554
VSC: 6.2.1P1

In the VSC’s backups tab under the datastore related object, the snapshot appears to be mounted, but it does not result in the datastores view. And if you try to unmount it you get an error.

Some time ago I committed the mistake of manually unmounting and removing the clone of a snapshot that was mounted using the VSC.

This triggered the undeletion of the snapshot by retention policy. Because it still results mounted for the VSC.

Sometimes the best approach to solve the issue is dancing around it.

In this case what I did is remounting the snapshot and proceeding with the unmount using directly the VSC.

The first step is to detect the name that VSC used for the flexclone of the snapshot. You can find it in the mount.xml: “C:\Program Files\NetApp\Virtual Storage Console\smvi\server\repository/mounts.xml”. Detect the interested mount job and than you have to clone and mount the snapshot with the name that was used by the VSC.

<mount uuid="156f8bdb-897c-4f6b-8a9a-ee15fbb9dc27" vmdkFlag="false" sfrFlag="false" backupUuid="194abcdc-030a-4142-af7d-6943ddc61b65">

Now you will be able to mount the cloned volume by the ESXi using the following syntax: “PARENTVOLUMENAME”(vsc-“numerical part in the snapshot name”).

If you deleted the snapshot you can use a random snapshot.

vol name: PIPPO
snapshot name: smvi_BCK_prod-Daily_20180321222000
clone name: PIPPO_mount_194abcdc-030a-4142-af7d-6943ddc61b65

ESXi datastore name will be: PIPPO(vsc-20180321222000)

Now you can unmount the volume from:
Home -> Storage -> FAS Datastore -> Releated Objects -> Backup

If the snapshot was already out of retention you can proceed from the same tab to delete it. Than, if you want, you can check that the snapshot will disappear from VSC and from FAS too.

This is not the only way, this is not the bestway, this is not the recomended way, this is not the official way: this is my way… It simply works. For syre you (and the NetApp support too) will save time.

By Valerio